2017 Jazz International Songwriting Competition Semi-Finalist!


The composition “In Some Shape or Form” composed by Rodrigo Cotelo and Clay Wulbrecht has been selected as a Semi Finalist in the Jazz category of the 2017 International Songwriting Competition. Among others, the jurors consisted of Jazz masters Vijay Iyer and Danilo Perez. Apart from Clay on Piano and Rodrigo on Guitar, the tune features Steffan Lenthe on Bass and Chris Parker on Drums.

This is now the third time Rodrigo has been recognized by the prestigious Nashville based International Songwriting Competition. The two previous times:

2016 Blues category, “Usual Suspects” was recognized by juror Joe Bona-massa among others.ISC 2016 semi

lm.php2015 Jazz category, “Young Dads” was selected by jurors Pat Metheny, Wayne Shorter and Danilo Perez.

“Young Dads” is part of  #Bloomerangs debut album”Horizon Sunset” and “Usual Suspects” will only be available on the Deluxe digital edition of the album.

Indaba Music Big Band

indaba music

Rodrigo’s tune “Opportune” has been selected as the winner of the 2017 Indaba Music Big Band contest! You can listen or buy Opportune on iTunes on this LINK

The tune features Martin Ibarburu on Drums, Andres Pigatto on Bass, Ignacio Labrada on Piano, Sergio Wagner on Trumpet, Ramiro Flores on Sax, Juan Canosa on Trombone, and Rodrigo on Guitars.

The composition is also shared with the collaboration of Alvaro Pacello and it’s part of “Ser Sonido (Being Sound” Rodrigo’s 2013 MT Records album.

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Nick Smithson 8/10: “I don’t know if it’s the diverse cultures the musicians hail from, or whether Jazz is a truly universal language, but this album is a joy to listen to from start to finish…” “This will act as the background to my summer this year. It’s perfect for just about every occasion.” Keep reading:

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Chris Spector: “#BLOOMERANGS/Horizon Sunset: Guided by the spirit of world beat and second line funk, this bunch doesn’t try to be anything but themselves even if they go from reminding you of a genre busting bunch of hippies from Boston in the late 60s, a bunch of NAC champs seeing how they can amuse themselves and much more…” Keep reading:

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